Handmade Cold Porcelain Clay Flowers

DURABLE, FLEXIBLE, UNIQUE: Time defying Bouquets for HOME-DECOR ( or Bridal ), Production PROTOTYPES, Flower LESSONS

Hello. My name is Christina Wallis. Thank you for stopping by.

I specialise in BOTANICAL SCULPTURE and take pride in being able to create unique LIFE-LIKE FLOWERS to exact specification, my own or client's. I work with botanically correct, stylised and fantasy flowers, making my work suitable for different types of PRODUCTION and ADVERTISTING, as well as HOME-DECOR and even Bridal Bouquets. I also offer Cold Porcelain FLOWER CLASSES, see formation below.


- It doesn't break when dropped. In fact, it's flexible and it bends not unlike plastic...yet it's never 'tacky', at least not to my taste.

- It's non-toxic

- It can last for 20-30 years with right common-sense care, if good quality clay and paints are used.

- When well made it's hard to tell it apart from real flower even at close range.

- It accommodates any colour palette. If good quality materials are used, the colour will not fade unless kept in direct sunlight.

- Being air dry clay, Cold Porcelain does not tolerate water or persistent steam.

- Two of the main advantages of using Cold Porcelain flowers / botanical props in PRODUCTION and ADVERTISING or in other CORPORATE context , is that, firstly, you can have a single or repeated prototype created to test and develop your idea before involving the costly mass production ( and having worked creating flower props for a film, I have first-hand experience of how valuable and eye opening such 'testing it first' can be!) and, secondly, while looking very life-like, cold porcelain flowers can be kept and used in the same appearance for as long as necessary, while being very easy to transport and post.

- Cold Porcelain Flowers are very popular in Japan, their country of origin, and some other countries, where thousands of people enjoy it as a very therapeutic 'perfectionist' hobby, and brides do things like order identical 'doubles' of their wedding bouquets as worthy keepsakes.


For those of you who feel inspired looking at Cold Porcelain flowers and would like to learn how to make them as a hobby or a career in the exciting emerging field, I run FLOWER CLASSES as well as PRIVATE TUITION, please see my 'Classes' Page for more information. All my tuition ( including group lessons) is available in COLD PORCELAIN Clay or GUM PASTE. Gum Paste is the original paste I worked with before switching to Cold Porcelain, for the most part. Personal tuition and flower classes aside, I believe that if you allow yourself sufficient time, you can also teach yourself and gain the mastery of Cold Porcelain flowers independently. If you feel that this is something that will suit you better you can find find my free flower tutorials on my active YOUTUBE CHANNEL and the exampels of my latest work on the INSTAGRAM Finally, you will find the rest of my social media if you scroll to the very bottom of the page.

Thank you for taking the time to read this through. All further enquiries can be made by phone or E-MAIL